About Me

I am very happy you are visiting my website. It means that you probably have higher standards and are taking the time to discover more about who your company will be. That is the type of gentleman I love to meet.

Many gentlemen who are interested in contacting an escort are generally quite successful, and self-confident. They may or may not be married, but are generally happy in their situation. Yet there is still something that is leaving them unfulfilled. They might be seeking excitement and adventure.  Maybe they haven't had intimacy and affection lately. Perhaps they are missing the thrill that comes with making a new connection. They also realize that there is a way to readily find what they want without having any consequences.  ..... As long as they can pay for it.

And those who know, realize that there are some things that are worth paying more for. Some things in which the difference in quality is everything. If you've never owned a luxury car, you might not see the worth in buying anything above an economy brand.  Why spend time with a high class escort?  That’s like asking why eat at a fine restaurant when you can throw something in the microwave?! The answer will be superbly and continually self-evident throughout the entire sensational experience.​

I find satisfaction in being able to help a gentleman find fulfillment. To bring them the missing piece they seek.  I am glad to be a part of the adventure and excitement.  An escape that can actually be a reality,  but a reality only because  it’s temporary. There is an excitement that comes with having experiences which can only occur when they come with no sense of responsibility - something that does not exist in your current reality; and that is exactly why you are here.



To set up your visit please contact me by either: sending me a text message at (408)478-7991, or using this form, or with an email that gives the information described on this form.  I will personally reply to you as quickly as possible.



I am the perfect companion in a private setting.   And I make great company on a business trip, vacation, or special event. Be the luckiest guy in the place with me on your arm. Go to my "Contact" page or send me a text message or an email to arrange our meeting. I can visit you in my  area  or, with reasonable notice, nationwide and internationally.


I am currently available for outcalls only. Local visits include Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Diego County. (Please allow 2 hours notice for Los Angeles and San Diego County.)


one incredible hour: $600
two hour treat: $1,000
an entire evening: $2,000
overnight affair: $4,000


If you  are going to be traveling for business and don't want to be alone, I will gladly accompany you for all or part of your trip.  I can depart with you or meet-up with you at the destination.

If you are looking to have the experience of your dreams with a beautiful woman in an exotic paradise and escape into a fantasy,  you can make it a reality with me.  All you need to do is cover the cost.  Contact me anytime and we can make our arrangements right away. 

weekend in Vegas: $6,000
mini-vay-cay :$7,000
a week away: $8,000



Questions and Answers

Q: I would like to get you a gift, what is on your wish list?
A: I will be thrilled with any gift you think of, but if you have no idea what to get, here are some of my favorite brands: perfume: Chanel Coco lingerie : Agent Provocatuer shoe (size 7 1/2): Valentino, Jimmy Choo

Q: Will you send me a photo?
A: I will not send photos to anyone, even after you've met me. If you want to re-live the encounter you'll have to do it for-real. ;) And I don't want just anybody to see what I look like in case I am recognized.

Q: Do you see couples?
A: No, only men.

Q: Can I come to see you at your location?/Do you offer an incall option?
A: Unfortunately, no. I do not have an incall location. I will need to come to a location that you are at.

Q: It’s the first time I’m going to meet an escort, and I’m feeling a little nervous...?
A: I will make you feel at ease, I have a great personality and in most cases you will feel as if you have known me for sometime. I understand that you could feel nervous but I can assure you that you will have a fantastic time. You can always contact me if you have any other questions, I will do my utmost to help you.

Q: How do I prepare myself before you arrive?
A: Please ensure you are showered and well presented, as you would for meeting a traditional date.

Q: Will you visit disabled clients?
A: Unfortunately I am not prepared for the extra needs that a disabled person may require.

Q: Can we meet at first in a hotel bar?
A: Yes, but payment must be made when I arrive.

Q: Why do your images show out of focus or hidden faces?
A: I value privacy as much as you do! Most discreet escorts, (who are not porn actresses) will blur their face. But I assure you that I will not disappoint you. I will probably look better than expected. My photos are really mine, and I am not trying to hide an ugly face. You have every right to decline the visit and send an escort away if she arrives and you are disappointed. Don't feel bad if you have to do it; she is the one who faked her photos.

Q: Can I book you in advance?
A: Yes, you can. You just need to provide me with details of date, time and where you would like the booking to take place. Then simply text on the actual day of the meeting to confirm that the booking should go ahead as planned.

Q: Which methods of payment do you accept?
A: I accept cash (on arrival).

Q: How do you screen?
A: I simply want to know who you are; so I screen by verifying your identity. Your name is not private information, it is public information, and showing your ID does not compromise any private information. So there is no reason to hide your name from me unless you have bad intentions. If I can't verify who someone is, then I am at risk of being harmed, so verification is mandatory.

Q: What information do you need from me when I make a booking?
A: For security purposes I need your name, address or hotel details, email address or mobile number, as well as screening info. Utmost discretion is assured at all times.

Q: Do you travel abroad for bookings?
A: Yes, I am able and willing to travel abroad.

Q: Are all your photos genuine?
A: Absolutely – What you see is what you get!